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  • mars 30, 2020 12:59 Heure locale


Welcome & Meet is a unique platform that securely connects you with local hosts in Paris.

With Welcome & Meet you’ll enjoy authentic connections and gain an incredible local experience.

Baking macarons with Charlotte, indulging in a Bordeaux wine tasting at Raph’s, take photos of the best spots in the city with Ben, crafting your own tote bag with Natacha, or discovering what a typical French apéro is like at the Lautiers’…. We offer 50+ activities to choose from!

Starting at just 15€!


“I had such a great time with Welcome & Meet that I would recommend them to my all my international friends in Paris. It’s a great way to experience a new place because the best parts of traveling are found in the people you meet.” Jeff L., USA


All our local hosts are carefully selected through a rigorous vetting process. We meet each host in person.

They are all welcoming and want to share their culture with you.

With Welcome & Meet, you will meet people from Paris, experience their daily life and immerse yourself in the local culture.



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